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Review – Breaking Hell’s Rules by Lyssa Dering

This week I’m reviewing another book by Lyssa Dering, an older title called Breaking Hell’s Rules.

The story centers on Reth, a genderqueer demon who takes souls for one of the head demons in hell and has body hopped over the centuries, and Jude, the boyfriend of the the abusive Tyler who Reth decides to hop into at the beginning of the story.

What I really liked about this story, same as with How to Love a Monster was the romance between the two characters. Dering has a gift for chemistry and making me feel the connection between the two characters, making me fall as hard and fast for them as they do each other! I also loved Reth and their genderqueer-ness.

Jude is a mystery to Reth from the moment they meet, and the two are faced with some obstacles as Jude is at first disbelieving that Reth isn’t his abusive boyfriend Tyler, and then as Reth realizes that there is more than meets the eye to Jude.

I thought Lyssa’s take on demons and angels was interesting, especially on that of angels. It was different from the normal angel mythos one usually sees.

A few warnings for the book: There is mention of recent psychical abuse, and since Jude at first thinks Reth is Tyler, refers to them as ‘he’ for a better part of the book in his POV, until the conversation comes up about their preferred pronouns, then Jude immediately starts using they/them (I thought it was handled well thought and it was nice that Jude was accepting of Reth’s pronouns). Be forewarned, there is also side character that isn’t completely respectful of Reth’s pronouns, which may be bothersome for some readers.

All in all I thought Breaking Hell’s Rules was a clever, sweet love story that is worth a read if you’re looking for a short, sweet, queer demons and angels story.

My rating: 4 /5

Check out Breaking Hell’s Rules over on Goodreads! And if you have Kindle Unlimited it is available on there!

Review – How to Love a Monster + Halloween in Wish City

I recently read How to Love a Monster by Lyssa Dering, which was released August 12, 2017, and the halloween short that takes place after it, titled Halloween in Wish City, which was released on October 16, 2017.

I knew of this book right at its release date, but was at first weary of it due to thinking it might be a bit dark for me based on the description, and also because I’m not typically a fan of first person present tense. I’d tried reading the opening of the book and wasn’t a fan at the time it released.

Two things influenced my decision to go back and give this book a shot, one being I have kindle unlimited right now, and the other being that I’m in the middle of a very, very slow read through of A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue and I’m not hating the present tense that much. So, I thought I’d give HTLAM a try because I was intrigued by the premise.

Boy, am I glad I did.

From the moment the two characters, Sera and Fiend meet, I was absolutely hooked. This book sucked me in and didn’t let go. Even after I finished it, I was craving more, probably as bad as Fiend craves brains!

Lyssa masterfully wove a romantic story with a mix of kink, horror, and angst that gripped me right until the end. I loved two main characters and their dynamic. The writing was incredibly immersive, leading me to understand fully the reason why one would choose first person present tense. When done right, it really does suck you into the story.

The short story, Halloween in Wish City takes place not long after the events of HTLAM, and should be read after it to avoid spoilers. I really liked this extra glimpse into the characters lives after the end of HTLAM. It was silly, romantic, and added a little bit of new information to the story, which was a nice bonus.

If you’re looking for a romantic, m/m story with a bit of kink and a dash of horror, I’d definitely recommend giving this book a try!

My rating:

How to Love a Monster – 5/5

Halloween in Wish City – 5/5

The next volume of the Wish City series, How to Tame a God, is due out in February! I’m excited for this one, which will delve more into the character Wish, who was a secondary character in the first book, and new character, named Lake.

Check out the Wish City books over on Amazon, which are free if you have Kindle Unlimited, but reasonably priced if you don’t!

How to Love a Monster

Halloween in Wish City

How to Tame a God



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